Martin M400 Mandolin Strings 10-34


80/20 Bronze M400 Mandolin Strings 10-34 Light Loop End


 Martin M400 Mandolin Strings 10-34

Dance across the fretboard with speed and fluidity. The Mandolin is a splendid instrument that has become an integral member of the American Bluegrass band. Martin M400 Mandolin Strings 10-34 are crafted to provide rich, warm tones and brilliant long lasting trebles.

  • Martin Strings are the acoustic string of choice for musicians around the world.
  • State of the art equipment winds our strings to exacting specifications.
  • The result is a string you can depend on for tone, brightness and clarity on a daily basis.
  • Loop end


  • Martin M400 Mandolin Strings 10-34 Gauge  10, 10, 14, 14, 24, 24, 34, 34.

80/20 Bronze

Martin mandolin strings are ideally suited for musicians who need strings with rich, warm tones and brilliant, long lasting trebles. Martin Mandolin strings are made with tin plated steel core wire and bronzed wrap wire.

The Martin Guitar and String company, founded in the U.S. has been continuously family owned and operated for six generations. Currently headed by Chairman and CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV, the company has been handed down five times since it was started by German immigrant Christian Frederick Martin Sr. in 1833. “Our signature product and Martin’s seamless tradition of quality to this day remain a significant source of pride for my family and all of those who are involved in crafting these extraordinary instruments,” said Martin Guitar Chairman and CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV. Embraced by artists all over the world, the Martin guitar and strings has helped define virtually all genres of music, from classical and country to blues, folk and acoustic rock.

The list of Martin players, past and present, reads like a Who’s Who of the musical world and includes such legends as Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, John Mayer and countless others.

C.F. Martin & Co.

Over 175 Years of Martin

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