Bon Musica 15 inch Viola Shoulder Rest



The Bon Musica 15 inch Viola Shoulder Rest is a versatile product that works flexibly around its owner. The flexible metal base allows the user to adjust the shape to suit their needs. Thick foam rubber padding makes the product more comfortable during use. Measure the viola at the mounting point to work out the correct size for you. Its unique ergonomic style is designed in Germany.

Bon Musica 15 inch Viola Shoulder Rest Features:

  • Adjustable Viola Shoulder Rest
  • Thick Foam Rubber Padding for Comfort
  • Shoulder Rest is Designed & Made in Germany
  • Allows for Good Technique, Easy Shifting & Vibrato
  • Flexible Metal Base Which Can Be Bent to the Required Shape

The Strength and Versatility of Steel

Designed and made in Germany, the Bonmusica shoulder rest is unique – made from strong but flexible steel, the Bonmusica is versatile: it can be adjusted in almost infinite ways by the player, because it is bendable. With a large and wide surface, the “hook” part of the platform is designed for stability, hugging the shoulder, preventing the rest from sliding off. Adjustable in height, tilt, position over the shoulder and length of hook, a properly adjusted Bonmusica shoulder rest will custom-fit each player, without gaps, thereby distributing pressure across the entire surface. These unique features have helped produce deep loyalty among users of the Bonmusica.

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Additional information

Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 16 cm