Trax Soprano Ukulele Hot Pink


An instrument to inspire beginners of all ages.


The Trax Soprano Ukulele Hot Pink is great for learning,easy to use and simple to play. The sweet, mellow sound will encourage up and coming ukulele players to play beyond a first try and develop skills that you can carry for the rest of your life.

An instrument that’s built to last. The Trax ukulele is small and compact, with a pleasant tone that sounds great. It’s small and lightweight, while being durable enough that you can take it anywhere. A great classroom alternative to recorders and violins, the ukulele provides hours of fun for musicians of any experience.

It may be small, but the ukulele is a serious instrument in its own right. Originally from Hawaii, it gained popularity throughout the United States during the early 20th century, then eventually internationally.

The Trax Ukulele is fun, portable and easy to play. With a quality build to stand the test of time, it will hold your interest throughout hours of play and practice.

Its laminate body improves the sound’s projection, adding richness and providing a robust construction. The neck has been crafted from ebonized maple – which helps your intonation and makes it easier to perform quick, fleeting finger runs.

Trax Soprano Ukulele Hot Pink Specifications:

  • Top: Linden Laminate
  • Body: Linden Laminate
  • Neck: Ebonized Maple
  • Fingerboard: Ebonized Maple
  • Bridge: Ebonized Maple
  • Frets: 18
  • Machine Heads: Geared
  • Finish: Hi-Gloss, Pink Finish

Trax Soprano Ukulele Hot Pink Dimensions:

  • Length: 53.5cm
  • Upper Bout: 13.5cm
  • Lower Bout: 17cm
  • Depth: 5cm

Portable and easy to play. You can learn to play 100s of songs with just three chords!

The ukulele is an instrument you can take anywhere – for hours of musical fun.

Trax Soprano Ukulele Hot Pink Features:

Hot pink Ukulele.

Ready strung so you can get playing faster.

Made from hard-wearing Linden Plywood.

Includes 4 x nylon strings.

Get your Trax Soprano Ukulele Hot Pink now.


Additional information

Weight 0.70 kg
Dimensions 57 × 20 × 8 cm

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