Brunswick BU50 Concert Ukulele Hawaii


  • Hawaii Design
  • Made from high grade ABS plastic
  • Finished with open geared machineheads
  • Concert-sized and great value


Brunswick BU50 Concert Ukulele Hawaii

The Brunswick BU50 Concert Ukulele Retro Swirl is made from high grade ABS plastic that makes this ukulele an ideal and durable instrument for all conditions, finished with open geared machineheads.

Why buy a plastic ukulele? The question should be, why not? Plastic ukuleles are durable, waterproof, and make a perfect travel companion. Whether you’re out on the beach, on a hike, in a boat, or even in the pool, you can take them anywhere!

Part of the fun of plastic is the fun patterns and colours you can get on your ukulele. So long, boring wood grain! Hello, well, pretty much whatever you want! And no one embraces that more than Brunswick, who make their plastic ukuleles in a variety of eye-catching designs.

Most plastic ukuleles are sopranos, made to be a compact grab-and-go uke. If you’d like a little more space on the fretboard, the Brunswick BU50 ukulele is concert-sized and great value.

Brunswick BU50 Concert Ukulele Hawaii Specs:

What distinguishes Brunswick from the rest is the wonderful array of patterns you can get printed on the plastic. Floral, psychedelic, and rainbow prints are featured alongside the usual bright neon colors, giving pretty much everyone a chance to find one that they like.

And easy to hear, too. This uke punches above its price range, and has a remarkably traditional ukulele sound even with its plastic body. There is very little “plastic” in its tone, and both high and low notes sound full and balanced. It’s also louder than most of the other plastic ukuleles in this price range.

After a fad in the 50s and 60s, plastic ukuleles are becoming popular again. Nowadays, you can find them in all sorts of fun colors and patterns.

Get your Brunswick Concert Ukulele Hawaii now.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 23 × 70 cm

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