Zoom H4n Pro Accessory Kit


  • Optimises the performance of the Zoom H4n


In this Zoom H4n Pro Accessory Kit you will find a number of objects that are the perfect addition to the Zoom H4n/Pro recorder. The kit is intended, among other things, to enable greater connectivity with DSLR cameras. The kit consists of an AC adapter, protection against wind noise, a cable with which headphones can be split, a USB cable to connect the recorder to your Mac or PC and an attenuating cable for connecting the line output of the H4n Pro on the microphone input of a DSLR.

Features of the Zoom H4n Pro Accessory Kit:

  • The perfect addition to your Zoom H4n/Pro recorder
  • For greater connectivity with DSLR cameras
  • Protection against wind noise

Zoom H4n Pro Accessory Kit includes:

  • AD-14 AC adapter
  • Hairy Windscreen
  • Headphone Splitter Cable
  • Attenuator Cable
  • USB cable



Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 8 cm

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