QTX Fractal 250 Laser


250 Watt RGB Pattern Laser

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QTX Fractal 250 Laser

The QTX Fractal 250 Laser is an RGB effects laser with multi-point and spiral patterns to produce colourful rotating spiral images. Selectable auto sequence or sound-activated operation with adjustable microphone sensitivity give a choice of operating modes. Projecting against a wall or ceiling produces swirling geometric shapes and when used with fog or haze, a wide cone of moving colourful beams can be picked out to produce an attractive display.

QTX Fractal 250 Laser Features:

  • Auto or sound activated operation
  • RGB laser colours
  • 8 different geometric patterns
  • We recommend that this product is used within the guidelines HSG95

QTX Fractal 250 Laser Specifications:

Power supply:            100-250Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
Fuse rating:                     2A
Laser class:                      3R
Red laser power:       180mW (650nm)
Green laser power:     60mW (532nm)
Blue laser power:      100mW (450nm)
Patterns:                     8 different geometric shapes
Laser & LED safety standard BSEN60825-1 2007

190 x 185 x 71 mm

0.990 kg

In the box

The box for this item contains :

  • Fractal-250 laser
  • U bracket & screws
  • IEC mains lead(s)

This product has been designed to project multi-point and pinwheel geometric patterns in 3
colours across a wide area. Please read and retain the manual to achieve the best results from
your purchase and avoid damage through misuse.

The Fractal-250 laser uses red, green and blue colour lasers to project multi-point and spiral
images, which may be best displayed on a light-coloured wall or surface. Using fog or haze
machines can also help to develop beam lines between the laser and projection area.

In AUTO mode, the Fractal-250 laser produces all the pre-programmed patterns in sequence.
Switching to SOUND mode makes the sequence governed by the front microphone.
The sensitivity of this microphone is controlled by the Sensitivity dial on the rear panel.

To check if the microphone sensitivity is adjusted correctly, check the Mic. LED located on the
front panel to see how it reacts to sound. This represents the sound trigger that controls
the effect sequence.
When not in use, power down the Fractal-250 laser and remove the IEC if not used for long
periods. For security, turn the key in the safety lock to the “off” position and remove the key
to avoid use by unauthorized persons.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 15 × 23 cm