Yamaha PSR SX900 Digital Arranger


Key Features

  • Control your settings with the 7” touch screen display
  • Choose from 1873 high-quality voices and 525 styles
  • Playlist function enables you to organise set lists
  • New sub out provides more flexibility in a live environment


Let your music take you to new places. The Yamaha PSR SX900 digital arranger is perfect for transforming your performance to the next level. Brimming with a whole host of new features, the PSR SX900 is guaranteed to impress!

Yamaha PSR SX900 Digital Arranger – The Flagship

The top-of-the-line in the PSR-SX Series, the PSR-SX900 delivers the best and most available in its class of Arranger Workstations today.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Yamaha PSR SX900 arranger is the large 7” screen. This full-colour touchscreen provides an intuitive and immersive way to navigate the arranger. And with up to 1873 high-quality voices and 525 styles to choose from, you’ll always be able to quickly access your favourite music.

On the left-hand side of the Yamaha PSR SX900 you’ll notice an all-new joystick. Perfect for controlling pitch bend and modulation at the same time, the joystick will add a new sense of realism to your performance. And thanks to the 15W+10W X 2 speakers, you will always feel enveloped by PSR SX900.

With a completely redesigned sound system, user interface, new assignable functions, Joystick and Live Controllers, you can completely tailor the functions and sounds of PSR-SX900, making your creativity positively limitless.

Perfect for songwriting, the PSR-SX900 is packed with rhythmic patterns (called “Styles”) spanning many genres, making it ideal for creating the accompaniment to your musical ideas and an invaluable inspiration for your next composition or arrangement. Together with a tremendous range of expressive sounds and vocal harmony, the PSR-SX900 is your ultimate and inspirational musical partner.

The PSR-SX900 is the flagship in the PSR-SX Series. Surpassed only by the Genos, this power-house songwriting and performance keyboard features never before seen speaker technology, pro-level connectivity, and a completely redesigned user interface.

  • 1337 Voices, including 252 Super Articulation Voices, 24 Organ Flutes! Voices. 56 Drum/SFX kits
  • 525 Styles, including 463 Pro Styles, 46 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles and 6 Freeplay Styles
  • Pre-installed Expansion content
  • Real Distortion and Real Reverb, with an intuitive effects interface
  • 1GB on-board memory for expansion data
  • 4GB internal memory
  • MIDI song file capacity : 3MB per file
  • Joystick, FSB keyboard, Sub output, and Expansive Soundfield Speakers for powerful live performance
  • Intuitive and fast control with 7″ color touch screen and Assignable function
  • Chord Looper function
  • Mic/Guitar input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers
  • Playlist and Registration for quick and easy set up
  • Vocal Harmony and Synth Vocoder functions
  • Audio Recording (WAV/MP3)
  • Voice and Style expandability with the Yamaha Expansion Manager
  • 2 USB TO DEVICE terminals
  • External display capability
  • Bluetooth Audio *may not have this functionality depending on the country

Yamaha PSR SX900 Digital Arranger Specs:

Body Color Black
Dimensions Width 1017 mm (40″)
Height 139 mm (5.5″)
Depth 431 mm (17″)
Weight Weight 11.5 kg (25.35 lb)
Keyboard Number of Keys 61
Type Organ (FSB), Initial Touch
Touch Response Normal, Soft 1, Soft 2, Hard 1, Hard 2
Other Controllers Joystick Yes
Control Knobs 2 (assignable)
Display Type TFT Color Wide VGA LCD
Size 800 x 480 dots (7 inch)
Touch Screen Yes
Color Color
Language English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Panel Language English


Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 117 × 52 × 25 cm