Boss SD1 Super Overdrive Pedal



Boss SD1 Super Overdrive Pedal

The Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal has earned its legendary status based on 40 years of peerless performance. This is easily the most unique overdrive pedal on the market right now thanks to one clever feature – asymmetric clipping. Most overdrive pedals clip symmetrically, giving a slightly thinner sound – that’s because asymmetrical clipping creates more harmonic overtones. This gives a richer, thicker sound overall. It’s a design feature which is patented by Boss (Roland), meaning the SD-1 is the only overdrive pedal that can offer this incredible tonal secret.

Boss brilliance

Full of character. The Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal has been a mainstay on many pedalboards since its introduction in 1981 – it’s legendary. A must-have pedal, all thanks to its unique sound and versatile range of overdriven tones. If you want a pedal with character to give you an extra lift and pleasantly colour your sound regardless of gain setting, there aren’t many pedals out there that can eclipse the SD-1. The patented asymmetric clipping design adds a brilliance to your tone which is perfect for big, crunchy open chord rhythm work, and soaring intricate lead runs alike.

Packed with iconic Boss quality, the pedal innovators truly believe this might be ”the one pedal every player needs”. And that’s because of its immense versatility. So no matter your mood, or genre, you’ll find the SD-1 Super Overdrive delivers the perfect sound for almost any style you want to play. From classy cleans and slightly driven amp tones right on through to mild/moderate overdrive and distortion, this Boss SD-1 can handle it all. You can literally explore everything from gritty blues and classic rock to pop, jazz, country, and more. It was birthed to help your creativity thrive.

The Boss SD-1 also features a mid-boost which will push your tone right to the front of the mix, so your tone sits perfectly with your band. You’ll always be heard, and you’ll always take centre-stage. Expect rich tonal presence, superb clarity, and a gorgeous warmth with wide-reaching dynamics. But that’s not all, a drive dial is perfect for your rhythm parts when set low, and higher settings are perfect for all your fat, scorching leads as well. If you need that extra kick from your playing, the SD-1 is certain to work wonders for your tone.

Boss SD1 Super Overdrive Pedal Specifications:

  • Model Code: SD-1
  • Input Impedance: 470 k ohms
  • Output Impedance: 10 k ohms or greater
  • Connectors: INPUT Jack, OUTPUT Jack, AC Adaptor Jack (DC 9 V)
  • Power Supply: DC 9 V: Dry Battery 9 V type (6F22/9 V), AC Adaptor
  • Current Draw: 4 mA (DC 9 V)
  • Accessories: Dry Battery 9 V type (6F22/9 V)
  • Dimensions: (W) 73 mm, 2-7/8 inches (D) 129 mm, 5-1/8 inches (H) 59 mm, 2-3/8 inches
  • Weight: 0.4 kg, 0 lbs. 15 oz.

Additional information

Weight .800 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 16 cm