Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Red


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Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Red

The Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Red is your favourite busking companion, upgraded. That’s right, the next gen of Cube Street has arrived, and for the first time ever, it comes proudly sporting the iconic Boss logo too. It’s certainly something special, and it was birthed to capture your creativity, and deliver it with majestic impact.

Whether you’re a busking performer, singer and guitarist, or even someone who speaks at events, this high-quality Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier is perfect for getting your message across with confidence – wherever you are. From the street to your next event, right on through to ambient garden gigs and rehearsing in the comfort of home, the Boss Cube Street 2 has you covered. Expect powerhouse performance with plenty of options for adjusting your sound.

Enjoy a vocal harmony function, a looper, and plenty of other must-have effects too, it’s just superb for digging deep into your creativity. And, if you’re a vocalist with an electro acoustic guitar, this might be the answer to all your prayers thanks to its incredible tone and harmony-creating abilities. Who needs to find other vocalists for harmonies when you’ve got it all in one cool Boss package.

Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Red Features:

Powerful sonic nature, lightweight design

Even more durable, and even lighter than ever before. The all new and improved Cube Street boasts a more modern design thanks to its ABS injection-molded build, making the Boss Cube Street 2 truly perfect for travelling and busking performers. It’s reliable, robust, and incredibly lightweight, so getting to your destination is always going to be a smooth-sailing journey, not one that weighs you down. And, with doubled output power, you now have 10 watts of clean stereo sonic goodness that was designed to cut through the louder interruptions you might face while performing in the streets.

Tonal greatness awaits

Jam-packed with tone-enhancing features, this is the ultimate companion for singers who play guitar and any busking musician looking for top-notch sound. Reap the benefit of a dedicated three-band EQ and reverb for each channel while a harmony function is perfect for all you vocalists looking to change-up your set. Create stunning harmonies without the need of session musicians and leave your audience craving more, and even wondering where your backing singers as. It’s a superb feature that needs to be experienced. If that’s not enough, you also have a built-in looper to play around with, allowing 45 seconds of recording time – perfect for creating powerhouse performance.

Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Red Specifications:

  • Product: Boss Cube Street 2 Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier, Red
  • Power: 10W
  • Guitar/Mic Channel: 9 Amp Types, Three-Band EQ, Chorus/Delay, Reverb, and Tuner
  • Mic/Instrument Channel: Harmony, Three-Band EQ, and Reverb
  • Harmony Modes: Unison, High, and Higher
  • Looper: 45 Seconds of Stereo Recording Time
  • Speakers: x 2 6.5”
  • Input: Aux
  • Material: ABS Injection-Molded
  • Colour: Red

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