Yamaha SG2000 Brown Sunburst


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Yamaha SG2000 Brown Sunburst

Developed from the mid 1970s SG175 by Yamaha and Carlos Santana, the Yamaha SG2000 Brown Sunburst was designed to be the ultimate electric guitar. The finest materials, no-compromise handcrafted Japanese construction, custom hardware and Yamaha’s latest wood technologies make today’s SG’s an undisputed modern classic.

The SG2000’s classic features, including through-neck, custom Alnico pickups, dual push/push coil taps and under-bridge brass sustain block remain true to Santana’s original sustain-optimising spec while the master-craftsman construction at Yamaha’s Japanese Music Craft workshop ensures the set up and finish are never less than perfect. With the SG’s always being about a focus on building the finest guitar possible, the latest models feature Initial Response Acceleration – a Yamaha exclusive manufacturing technique that replicates the physical changes the guitar undergoes during years of playing, accelerating the tonal ageing process, giving a more resonant, mature tone and further enhanced sustain.

Yamaha SG2000 Brown Sunburst Features:

IRA(Initial Response Acceleration)

If you’ve ever played another guitarist’s instrument and not been able to get the same sound, it’s probably because you are playing a different style than what the guitar is used to. After playing the same guitar for years, the guitar adapts to the guitarist’s playing style. It takes time for a new guitar to adapt to your own way of playing. Stress found between parts like finish, woods, body, neck, fingerboard, nut, bridge, etc., must be released before all of the parts can resonate together as an instrument. It takes time and a lot of playing for this to happen. Using IRA technology, stresses like those between the finish and wood are release by applying specific vibrations to the completed guitars. Once this treatment is complete, the guitar responds accurately to the guitarist’s performance, and produces sound more easily. It also shortens the time needed for the guitar to adapt to your playing style. And it delivers excellent sustain.

Direct Circuit

The direct circuit system sends signals from the pickup directly to the amplifier when the guitar’s tone control is set to 10 (max). This produces enormously clear and straight high range and delivers a bright sound with quick response.

Semi Open Humbucking Pickup

This original pickup was developed with an Alnico V alloy magnet for use on the SG. It produces a fat sound that is sweet and rich. Other original Yamaha designs utilized here are the semi-open cover, which contributes both to noise prevention and power output, and triple support escutcheon, which adjusts pickup height and angle.

Die-Cast Bridge

The highly rigid die-cast bridge is assembled directly to the body. Its well thought design offers a wider adjustment range that allows accurate string height and octave pitch adjustment. A sustain plate placed underneath the bridge on the SG2000 produces richer sustain.

Bi-Sound System

A quick push of the tone control knob switches between Humbucker and single coil tone. The push-push system makes operation easier while playing by eliminating the need to pull up on the knob when switching back and forth between the humbucker and single coil sound.

Over Binding Frets

This picture is of SG2000

This precision design extends the fret all the way to the edge of the fingerboard, ending at a point above the binding. It prevents string drops when bending or vibrating the strings, and offers dynamic performance.

Certified Quality

A “Yamaha Music Craft Certificate” certifying that the instrument has been assembled and adjusted by a skilled craftsman, and that Initial Response Acceleration has been applied to the instrument accompanies every SG2000 and SG1000.

SG Series Hard Case

The Yamaha SG2000 Brown Sunburst Includes Hardcase.

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