Vintage V6 John Verity Candy Apple Blue


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Vintage V6 John Verity Candy Apple Blue

The Vintage V6 John Verity Candy Apple Blue signature guitar captures the true essence of John’s unique bluesy sound. Three powerful single-coil Wilkinson pickups let you achieve clear, sparkling sounds with biting mids and a detailed low end. And with an innovative ‘Power Coil’ circuit, you get all of this with zero hum.

Not only does it sound amazing, it also plays like a dream. With a comfortable maple neck, and smooth maple fingerboard, you can play with total freedom. Combine this with high-quality Wilkinson tuners, and an incredibly reliable Wilkinson WV2SB vibrato bridge, and you have the ability to experiment with expressive pitch bends while retaining excellent tuning stability. Everything you need for classic blues and rock in one impressive package.

Vintage V6 John Verity Candy Apple Blue Features:

Tone fit for a legend

Specifically designed for veteran blues guitarist John Verity, this incredible signature guitar produces a clear, bluesy sound that perfectly suits John’s music. With three vintage-voiced Wilkinson WVS60 single-coil pickups, you get a crystal clear sound that easily cuts through the mix. These pickups have the perfect balance for sizzling highs, biting mids, and a solid low end.

You also get a ‘Power Coil’ circuit based on the one used in John’s previous signature guitar. This innovative system retains the elegant sound of the stunning single coils while adding a hum-cancelling element that removes buzz and background noise. Pristine tone that will never let you down.

Perfect playing feel

Being John Verity’s signature guitar, there’s no surprise that the Vintage V6 is absolutely stunning to play. With a comfortable, hard maple neck, and a silky smooth maple fretboard, you can slide to any of the 22 frets with ease. Whether you like playing jangly open chords, or soulful lead lines, the effortless playability of this exquisite guitar has you covered. Combine this with a lightweight alder body and rigid bolt-on construction, and you get an impeccable guitar that will let you reach your full potential.

Strong, reliable hardware

Whether you’re playing live, or recording in the studio, the last thing you want is for your guitar to keep going out of tune. Luckily, with the John Verity V6 signature guitar, this won’t be a problem. Equipped with high-quality Wilkinson hardware, you can rely on this guitar to keep up with even the toughest usage.

Wilkinson WJ07 Pin-Lok machine heads allow for quick and easy string changes while providing excellent tuning stability. And with a Wilkinson WV2SB tremolo, not only do you get excellent reliability, you can also experiment with expressive vibrato and crazy pitch bends. Combine this with a Graphtech NuBone nut for improved stability and enhanaced sustain, and you get a rock solid guitar that has everything you need to perform at your best.

Vintage V6 John Verity Candy Apple Blue Specifications:


  • Model Name: Vintage V6 John Verity, Candy Apple Blue
  • Colour: Candy Apple Blue
  • Body Material: Alder
  • Construction: Bolt-on

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Hard Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Maple
  • Fingerboard Radius: 10″
  • Frets: 22

Hardware and Electronics

  • Nut: Graphtech NuBone
  • Tremolo: Wilkinson WV2SB
  • Machine Heads: Wilkinson WJ07 with Pin Lok
  • Hardware Colour: Nickel
  • Pickups: 3 Wilkinson Single Coils WVS60 with Hum-Cancelling
  • Controls: Volume/ 2 Tone/ 5-Way Lever
  • Scratchplate: 3-ply Mint Green

Additional information

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Dimensions 103 × 40 × 12 cm

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