Admira A4 Handcrafted Classical Guitar

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Admira A4 Handcrafted Classic Guitar

Uprgrade your tone. The optimum selection of tonewoods is vital to ensure a classical guitar has the perfect sound. The Admira A4 Handcrafted Classical Guitar has been constructed with a selection of premium woods to deliver magnificently rich, full classical guitar tones.

Enjoy excellent warmth with distinctive sound. The solid cedar top has a superb tonal character that adds personality to your playing. Experience scintillating brightness and a punchy attack thanks to ebony back and sides. Play at speed with a slick mahogany neck. The Admira A4 is an instrument that you can be certain will always make your classical and Spanish playing sound beautiful.

Warm, wide-ranging sound

Experience pure beauty in tone. Stop compromising when it comes to your sound, and grasp a guitar that has the ideal tonewood construction to provide you with warmth, range, and brightness. The Admira A4 has been built with carefully selected woods to maximise the instrument’s sonic potential.

Enjoy rich, unique tonal character provided by a solid cedar top. This relatively soft wood is used here as an alternative to spruce, the most commonly used top wood for acoustic guitars. The result is an instrument that gives you the warmest tones you’ve ever had in a classical guitar. Strong tones with excellent sustain are added thanks to the guitar’s ebony back and sides. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy supreme depth courtesy of a dense mahogany neck. It’s all of this that gives the A4 a remarkable tonal range, which in turn gives you the freedom to play however you like.

Smooth playing action

Enjoy every second. The A4’s sleek mahogany neck and smooth kabukalli fingerboard combine to give you a gorgeously slick playing experience. You won’t want to stop playing. The mahogany neck is silky to the touch, and will allow you to glide seamlessly from note to note without difficulty. This is particularly brilliant for faster paced playing styles such as Flamenco.

The kabukalli fretboard is comfortable under your fingers, meaning you’ll be able to play on and on without your fingers getting sore. That’s why the A4 is perfect for both performance and practice.

Pure resonance and sustain

A guitar that benefits from uninterrupted tone. The A4 features a Spanish heel neck joint, which maximises sustain, resonance, and clarity. This complex manner of constructing the guitar’s neck is more difficult and time consuming, but the amazing sonic profile it creates is worth the effort.

As opposed to simply gluing the neck together, the Spanish heel construction involves creating the neck and headblock from a single piece of wood. This prevents the instrument’s sonic vibrations from being altered or halted as they pass along the neck. Thanks to this, everything you play will sound pure and exactly as it should.

Built to last

This is craftsmanship to last you a lifetime. The Admira A4 is a sensational example of how to make the ideal classical guitar. Admira began in Spain in 1944, and have been making the very best Spanish and classical guitars in the business ever since. Decades of experience have ensured their status as one of the very best at manufacturing guitars that are perfectly suited to finger plucking and classical styles.

Furthermore, when you’re playing an Admira, you’re playing a guitar that’s been hand-crafted from the ground up. That means you get unique, intricate quality in your instrument. Admira’s Spanish-trained luthiers put intense care and attention into every guitar, delivering lasting, exceptional performance.

Admira A4 Handcrafted Classic Guitar Specifications:


  • Model Name: Admira A4 Handcrafted Classic Guitar
  • Manufacturer: Admira
  • Size: 4/4
  • Top Material: Solid Cedar
  • Back Material: Ebony
  • Sides Material: Ebony
  • Top Bindings: Maple/Black
  • Back Bindings: Maple/Maple
  • Back Strip: Maple Inlay
  • Finish: Gloss

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard Material: Kabukalli


  • Machine Heads: Lyre Gold
  • Bridge: Kabukalli


  • Strings: Savarez Strings

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