CLARE Concertina


Professional handmade Italian reeds
Black hardwood
Traditional dome headed silver buttons
Riveted levers with responsive action
Traditional felt bushing around buttons
6 fold quality leather bellows

Complete with hard shell case

Designed for Playing Irish Music


At trax we are delighted to stock the Clare Concertina which is designed for students looking for higher quality sound moving up from starter instruments. The reason the student needs to move up to a higher grade concertina is that these instruments have the springs set at a level to enable the student to do all the required ornamentation, with fast response from the fine tuned reeds.

Because of their high quality professional reeds these instruments are  highly respected as session / competition instruments.   You will see from the photos inside that we have gone to the extreme’s with our designs. All the reeds sit in a groove which means they are fixed in position. We also seal the end reed pans into frame using shammy leather, this eliminates air leaks down the road and keeps the concertina sealed for its lifetime. I must state at this point in time no other maker goes to this extreme to ensure and safeguard against problems that might occur over time.

About the CLARE Concertina:

The best quality materials go into making our instruments. The time and effort that is spent on each instrument shows through on the finished product. We want the player to get the best experience and enjoyment possible out of our instruments and because of this we offer the player time to break the instrument in, and if there are adjustments needed such as, action or tuning, the player can get this work done as part of our service. We value our customers and often learn from their suggestions.

Our Mid Range instruments use the best professional Italian reeds and because of the maple reed pans they produce a very bright sound.

30 key C/G Anglo concertina with Jeffries layout (fingering).(Options on 1st and 2nd buttons right hand side, C#D# and D#C# or on first button C#C# is another option.)  

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 22 cm