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The Trax Red Tambourine is a strong hand held tambourine with a twin row of metal jingles (also known as zills) designed for on the road or home use.

The Tambourine is also perfect for studio or live gigging use as the durable ABS frame allows for hard hitting and energetic hand playing.

Trax Red Tambourine  Key Features:

  • Hand-held Tambourine
  • Metal Jingles
  • Perfect for Studio or Live Use

The tambourine can be held in the hand or mounted on a stand, and can be played in numerous ways, from stroking or shaking the jingles to striking it sharply with the hand or a stick or using the tambourine to strike the leg or hip.

Tambourine rolls:

There are several ways to achieve a tambourine roll. The easiest method is to rapidly rotate the hand holding the tambourine back and forth, pivoting at the wrist.

A tambourine is most often played by drummers/percussionists – Drummers such as Larry Mullen of u2 who mounts a tambourine above the cymbals of his hi-hat stand, others mount it elsewhere. Other drummers and percussionists who have played the tambourine include Ringo Starr – The Beatles, Roger Taylor – Queen, Phil Collins – Genesis, Charlie Watts – Rolling Stones, Sheila E, Paulinho de Costa, Steve Gadd , Tre Cool, Liberty Di Vitto – Billy Joel, Hal Blaine, Bobbye Hall, Nigel Olsson, Ian Paice, Bobby Colomby, to name but a few.

Singers who shake it while they sing include Mick Jagger – Rolling Stones, Robert Plant – Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel – Genesis, Liam Gallagher – Oasis, Trent Rezner – Nine Inch Nails, Stevie Nicks – Fleetwood Mac, Roger Daltrey – The Who, Ian Ashbury – The Cult, Jon Davidson – Glass Hammer, Gerard Way – My Chemical Romance, Florence Welsh – Florence and the Machine, Tim Booth – James, Davy Jones – The Monkees and Ryan Tedder – One Republic  have all been known to use a tambourine while singing.

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