Evans B14HW Heavyweight Snare Batter Head 14”



Evans B14HW Heavyweight Snare Batter Head 14”

The Evans B14HW Heavyweight Snare Batter Head 14” provides a professional sound for an affordable price. Complete with level 360 technology to provide a clearer drum sound with easier tuning, proper contact between drumhead and drum shell is achieved. This heavyweight snare head consists of two identical plies of 10 mil film providing maximum durability for the player.

Thanks to the impressive 3mil reverse dot technology situated in the centre of the drum, focus and attack are quite literally at the centre of this design. Whilst the reverse dot ensures a focused sound it also adds extra life to your snare drum, minimising wear to the most used point of contact. Ideal for most types of drummer dynamic ranges and tones are produced, these tones combined with a durable playing surface make these heads perfect for Rock and Metal. Designed for the harder hitter this Evans head is certain to deliver optimum sound with strength to match.

Evans B14HW Heavyweight Snare Batter Head 14” Features:

  • 14″ Snare batter drum head made using two identical plies of 10mil film
  • 23mil of total thickness for maximum durability
  • The reverse dot is mounted on the underside of the head for extra durability, focus and attack without getting in the way of brushes
  • Exclusive Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell
  • Manufacturer: Evans
  • Head Type: Coated
  • Head Composition: 2ply 10mil film (10mil / 10mil)
  • Size: 14”
  • Product Code: B14HW

Additional information

Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 56 cm