Meinl 18inch Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash



Meinl 18inch Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash

The Meinl 18inch Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash is part of the Meinl Sound Caster Custom Series, the 18″ Powerful Crash, brilliant finish results in a mirror-like surface for a brighter, richer, and more brilliant sound, B12 Bronze Alloy, Strong, penetrating attack and cutting power.
Lots of bright, brilliant overtones with a medium sustain.

Meinl 18inch Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash


One of the great things about being a drummer is the opportunity to be different…to be yourself. When you listen to all the greats, they’re not like everybody else. They’re themselves. We like that.

Today it is difficult to be totally original or 100% unique, but that does not mean you must be like all the others. At MEINL we do our own thing. That’s just who we are. And we like to think you want to be who you are, too. There’s a freedom that comes with that.

Drummers continually tell us how they become inspired by playing MEINL cymbals. They are inspired by the new sounds that they hear and feel, which at the same time hones and shapes their personal drum style. This is the biggest compliment for us, as well as the driving force behind all our activities! It encourages us to develop new sounds and to push our creativity farther forward.

Only MEINL uses 6 different alloys for crafting cymbals, which is more than any other cymbal maker is using today. Because of that, we are able to offer the widest selection of basic cymbal sound characteristics available. Striving for the realization of any possible sound idea makes it necessary to have this diversity, the background in and knowledge of all those different materials.

Constantly trained and highly qualified employees master all challenges within our production team. Most of them are drummers themselves! And if someone is not and starts working for us, we pay for the drum lessons. They know why they are doing what they do, and don’t consider it just another 9 to 5 job. It’s that dedication which makes the difference you can hear!

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 47 × 47 × 4 cm