Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console


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Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console

The Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console is an analog mixer that features 16 microphone inputs with pristine D-PRE preamps, a proprietary X-Pressive EQ and an innovative stereo hybrid channel. Suitable for live performances and studio sessions, the MGP24X offers user-friendly and reliable operation, along with the warmth and musicality of premium analog circuitry. Additional features include high-resolution effects, 1-knob compressors, digital connectivity for iOS devices, a 31-band GEQ and USB device recording/playback.

Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console D-PRE Microphone Preamps

The Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console features newly refined D-PRE mic preamps that employ an inverted Darlington circuit design and deliver more power with lower impedance. Initially intended for use with Yamaha’s high-end recording equipment, these discrete class-A preamps ensure your signal retains the original character and musical expression.

Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console X-Pressive EQ

Throughout the development of the innovative VCM (Virtual Circuit Modelling) effects, Yamaha became increasingly focused on reproducing the warmth and musicality of classic vintage EQs. After precisely modelling the original circuitry from some of the most sought-after EQ modules from the past, Yamaha discovered a characteristic ”X-shape” of the frequency curves that was unique to these units. More than just a means of tweaking your mix, the precise response and steep shelving of both the high and low frequencies make the X-Pressive EQ a powerful sound-shaping tool that provides control of every aspect.

Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console 1-Knob Compressors

The MGP24X features newly upgraded 1-knob compressors with LED indicators that allow you to visually monitor when compression ”kicks in” on each channel. These intelligent compressors add optimally set compression to a wide variety of input sources by simply adjusting a single control – eliminating the need to set up and configure complex outboard equipment.

Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console Hybrid Channel

Combining traditional analog feel with the functionality that only digital technology can offer, the MGP mixers are equipped with a proprietary DSP that delivers three essential features – Priority Ducker, Leveler and Stereo Image. Offering unique functionality with superior sound, the Hybrid Channel is also equipped with high-performance A/D and D/A converters, a mid-sweep and a three-band EQ.

Dual Digital Effects

MGP series mixing consoles provide two separate studio-quality effects processors for tailoring your sound to suit any application and venue. With user-friendly operation, the REV-X reverb delivers three musical and natural high-resolution reverb effects – a first for any analog Yamaha mixer.

MGP Editor

Yamaha MGP Editor is a free software application can downloaded to your iOS device. Utilising a simple and intuitive graphic display, MGP Editor provides control of REV-X and SPX effects parameters, as well as Hybrid Channel’s Priority Ducker, Leveler and music playback settings.

Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console Features

  • 16 microphone inputs
  • Discrete Class-A ‘D-PRE’ head amps
  • Musical ‘X-Pressive’ EQ
  • Professional 1-knob compressors
  • Dual digital effects processors: REV-X and SPX
  • Stereo hybrid channels DSP effects (Leveler, Stereo Imager, Priority Ducker)
  • Digital connectivity for iPod/iPhone
  • USB Device record/playback (16-bit WAV, MP3)
  • 31-band GEQ (9 flex-band / 14 fixed-band)
  • Master 3-band compressor assigned to stereo bus
  • Free MGP Editor

Yamaha MGP24X Mixing Console Specifications

  • Mixing Channels: 24 Line Inputs (16 Mono and 4 Stereo)
  • GROUP: 4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus
  • AUX: 6 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends
  • MATRIX: 1 Matrix Out
  • Microphone Inputs: 16
  • Phantom Power: 48V (Per Channel)
  • Line Inputs: 16 Mono + 4 Stereo
  • Digital I/O: USB Device, iPod/iPhone
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz, +0.5dB/-1dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02 Percent
  • Equivalent Input Noise: -128dBu
  • Residual Output Noise: -94dBu
  • Crosstalk: -74dB @ 1kHz
  • Power Consumption: 86W
  • Power Requirements: 100V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 819mm x 169mm x 565mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 15.5kg

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