NUX WK310 Hammer Action Digital Piano


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NUX WK310 Hammer Action Digital Piano

The Nux Wk 310 Hammer Action Digital Piano is a practical and great value digital piano with authentic grand piano feel and sound .

A perfect home always contains a Piano ,the  Nux WK-310 comes with a low-profile yet stylish design which makes a great addition to any home .

The piano tone was sampled from a Steinway nine foot grand piano with 5 dynamic levels. The 88 key keyboard with 4 dynamic curves gives you all the expressive possibilites you’ll need to play beautiful music . For those who want to experience a new way of learning, practicing and playing piano like never before you hook up apps on smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with the WK-310 and explore the endless possibilites available .


Low Profile yet Stylish Design
Only 32cm in depth, the NUX WK 310 digital piano is designed to fit in any house.
Soft close lid to prevent hand injuries form slamming lids,especially important when you have kids in the house  .



Italian designed 88 key Hammer Action piano Keyboard for the ultimate in feel and expression ,

Built in Bluetooth to give you access the all the educational and entertainment possiblities that open up when you link your piano to any bluethooth enabled phone or tablet  .

Low profile yet stylish design giving a small footprint appropriate for use in any home apartment or bedroom

Over 120 tones to cover every style of music and instrumentations.

Split Keyboard function which enables 2 people to play together.

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 130 × 30 × 40 cm