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From the London college of Music the Ukulele Grade 2 Book is part of a series that forms an expertly structured method of studying ukulele. It covers all the material needed for an LCM Ukulele exam, enabling you to study for an internationally-recognised qualification. However, even if you do not intend to take an exam, this book will help you develop all aspects of your playing in a structured way. The book is cleverly designed so that it can be used by both plectrum and finger style ukulele players.

There are five LCM Ukulele grades (1–5), plus two introductory levels.

The Ukulele Grade 2 Book is part of a standard range of graded exams which consist of a performance, a rhythm study, a free choice specialism and musicianship.

Ukulele Grade 2 Book what’s in the exam:

Exam content:

Initial to Level 5:

  • Rhythm study
  • Performance
  • Free choice specialism
  • Prepared accompaniment
  • Musicanship

This syllabus replaces the Ukulele Syllabus (2014 until further notice), Ukulele Playing Exam Information Booklet (2014 until further notice), and Ukulele Ensemble Information Booklet (2015 until further notice). These are now combined into one syllabus. Major changes to the syllabus are as follows:

  • The levels Initial and Preliminary have been renamed Step 1 and Step 2
  • Live Performance Awards have been renamed Recital Grades
  • A Grade 5 qualification (Graded Exam, Recital Grade, Performance Award and Ensemble) has been added
  • The Level 5 Performance Award specification has been revised

There are redesigned handbooks available for all levels; the content is unchanged and candidates with copies of the existing handbooks can still use these for the exams.



  • Product Code: 9790570122264
  • Title: Ukulele Handbook from 2019 Grade 2
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  • Contributor: LCM
  • Actual Publisher: London College of Music
  • Contributor(s): Examinations, London College of Music (Author)
  • Arrangement format: Instrumental Solo
  • Genre: Educational
  • Instrument(s): Ukulele
  • Instrument family: Guitar/Bass/Ukulele
  • Language: English
  • Grade(s): Grade 2
  • Exam board: London College of Music
  • Syllabus: From 2019
  • Media/format: Music
  • Product media description: Exams
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