Bob Brozmans Bottleneck Slide Guitar



Bob Brozmans Bottleneck Slide Guitar book from the contemporary master of bottleneck blues guitar. In this book, he guides you from basic licks and techniques through the subtle complexities of country blues rhythm. All music is written in standard notation and tablature, including complete transcriptions of Terraplane Blues, Moon Goin’ Down and Rhythm In The Blues.
Bob Brozmans Bottleneck Slide Guitar Features:
  • CD included
  • Turnarounds
  • Bottleneck techniques
  • Blue notes
  • Open G tuning
  • Right hand techniques
  • Blue licks and phrases
  • Authentic blues rhythm
  • Harmonics
  • Robert Johnson, Willie Brown, and Son House Styles
  • Standard Notation and guitar tablature
DIFFICULTY Intermediate
STORE Tuition
PRODUCT FORMAT Instrumental Tutor
GENRE Tuition

Bob Brozmans Bottleneck Slide Guitar Song List:

  1. Analytical Breakdown
  2. Bottleneck Techniques
  3. Chords
  4. Coda: Putting It All Together
  5. Creating Blues Verses
  6. G Down The Staff
  7. Getting Started
  8. Harmonics
  9. Intro To Terraplane Blues
  10. Notation Guide
  11. Review Of Picking Techniques
  12. Rhythm In The Blues
  13. Rhythmic Exercises
  14. Right Hand Techniques
  15. Speciality Stokes
  16. Tarraplane Blues
  17. “The “”Buddy”” (Blues) Note”
  18. Turnarounds

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