Clarinet All Sorts Grade 1-3



Clarinet All Sorts Grade 1-3

Clarinet All Sorts Grade 1-3 is a varied collection of 19 fun pieces to pick and mix from. Ranging from easy classics to brilliant original pieces, this book covers it all. All Sorts has been designed to fit the technique and capabilities of the young players, with easy-to-play piano accompaniments for the teacher.

The piano accompaniment part is also included on a separate insert.

Clarinet All Sorts Grade 1-3 Songlist:

  • Andulko The Goose Girl [Traditional]
  • Big-Brother Blues [Wedgwood, Pamela]
  • Carnival Of Venice [Briccialdi, Giulio]
  • Computer Game [Harris, Paul]
  • Cornish Dance [Arnold, Malcom]
  • Country Bumpkin [Traditional]
  • Courante [Praetorius, Michael]
  • Divertimentino [Hook, James]
  • Granny’s Delight [Playford, John]
  • Humoresque [Dvorak, Antonin]
  • Lullaby [Brahms, Johannes]
  • Minuet [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  • The Cachoucha [Traditional]
  • The King Is Amused [Delibes, Leo]
  • The Little Nothing [Couperin, Francois]
  • The Silver Swan [Gibbons, Orlando]
  • The Wish [Tuke, Mr]
  • Time To Go [Rae, James]
  • Wolseys Wilde [Byrd, William]

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