Rockschool Ukulele Debut 2020



The Rockschool Ukulele Debut 2020 is part of the Ukulele syllabus and extends Rockschool’s offering to a full suite of grades. The syllabus has been designed in conjunction with their new Ukulele Method books, giving students a comprehensive pathway from absolute beginner stages through to entry into the graded system, and subsequently following a progressive pathway through to grade 8. The syllabus features six tracks for each grade that have been meticulously benchmarked to support students as they learn the instrument. At each grade, two of the pieces offer the students an opportunity to perform without full band backing, exploring the sound and resonance of their instrument. These include duet parts from Debut to Grade 3, which give further opportunities for teaching and group learning. The remaining tracks are ‘session style’ backing tracks, performed with full backing band and including vocal accompaniment which is also shown in the notation as a melody line and lyric over the main ukulele part.

Rockschool Ukulele Debut 2020 Songlist:

  1. Demons (Personality: Imagine Dragons)
  2. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Composer: Bob Dylan)
  3. Lean On Me (Composer: Bill Withers)
  4. Marry You (Composer: Bruno Mars)
  5. Rolling In The Deep (Composer: Adele)
  6. Shake It Off (Composer: Taylor Swift)
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The Rockschool Ukulele syllabus has evolved. Master the ukulele with Rockschool’s first fully regulated suite of ukulele grades (Debut to Grade 8), regardless of age or musical ability. Play your part on the instrument everyone loves to play.

The ukulele is in a unique group of instruments with re-entrant tuning. The Rockschool Ukulele syllabus develops instrument-specific techniques through digestible benchmarked topics guaranteed to equip students with the practical skill and theoretical knowledge to perform at the highest possible level, across a range of contemporary styles.

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