Royal Irish Academy Piano Sight-Reading Samples Grades 6 – Senior Certificate


A valuable collection of sight-reading samples for the Royal Irish Academy of Music’s higher level exams, from Grade 6 to Senior Certificate.


The samples assembled in the Royal Irish Academy of Music Piano Sight-Reading Samples Grades 6 Senior Certificate Piano Book  are designed to give teachers and candidates a more accurate estimation of the difficulty of sight-reading tests that can be expected within each grade.

Students would need to practice far more examples on a day-to-day basis in order to improve their sight-reading ability. Candidates should bear in mind that examiners do not expect a perfect performance at the examination but rather base their assessment on the candidates ability to maintain rhythmic continuity, observance of the key signature and note accuracy.

About RIAM:

The Royal Irish Academy of Music is a home of musical excellence and dynamism, a place of teaching and learning which consistently achieves its objective of transmitting and maintaining the highest standards of performance and appreciation in all musical disciplines.

Founded in 1848 the Academy is Ireland’s oldest musical institution. As a national thirty-two county institution, the Academy embodies and reflects the traditions and heritage of Irish musicianship. The Royal Irish Academy of Music is Ireland’s oldest conservatoire, ranked in the top 50 institutions in the world for the performing arts.

Teaching staff includes many international prize-winners and principals of professional orchestras in Ireland. It also includes individuals whose names have become synonymous with music education in Ireland. These experienced teachers are passionate about working with talented students to unlock their artistic potential.