RIAM Music Workout Grade 2



RIAM Music Workout Grade 2

From the Royal Irish Academy of Music the RIAM Music Workout Grade 2 by Jean Archibald and Bernadette Marmion, is part of a series of nine theory workbooks based on the syllabus of the Royal Irish Academy of Music’s Local Centre examinations in Theory. Each workbook (Preparatory to Grade 8) includes detailed explanatory notes. Exercises in sight-singing and rhythmic clapping are also included to develop aural and written skills side by side. Finally, the material provides useful preparation for the ‘reading’ elements of the Aural Tests programme

The RIAM Music Workout Grade 2 is designed to provide a foundation for the study of musicianship and to ensure a thorough grasp of music literacy, and they are suitable for use by students following any music programme.

RIAM Music Workout Grade 2 Features:

  • Exercises introduce key new elements encountered at RIAM Grade II level
  • Includes explanatory notes in an easy-to-understand format
  • Perfect for preparing for any kind of music theory exam

About RIAM:

The Royal Irish Academy of Music is a home of musical excellence and dynamism, a place of teaching and learning which consistently achieves its objective of transmitting and maintaining the highest standards of performance and appreciation in all musical disciplines. Founded in 1848 the Academy is Ireland’s oldest musical institution.

As a national thirty-two county institution, the Academy embodies and reflects the traditions and heritage of Irish musicianship. The Teaching Staff includes many international and national prizewinners, members of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and many individuals whose names have become synonymous with music education in Ireland.

With the resources of such talents at its disposal, it is no wonder that the Academy’s students have been accepted for further study at the most prestigious music institutions around the world from the Juilliard School in New York to the Royal Academy of Music in London. Today, with recently established higher education courses, the Academy is in turn able to offer the finest Irish musical training to students from all corners of the world.

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